The Rising Trend of Veganuary

Braehead Foods have always strived to provide high-quality products catering for all palates and diets to ensure we are not turning away any of our valued customers. Keeping an eye on the latest trends is vital in doing so, and Veganuary is one that has rocketed in the last year or so. Some misconceptions of a Vegan diet include: it's expensive, it’s boring, and there's no variety which is a Chef’s worst nightmare to work with.

We have worked extremely hard to create innovative ways to provide exemplary Vegan products for our customers. Before going into more detail about what we have to offer, you may think, what’s the point? Why invest when hardly anyone is Vegan?

Well, according to the Veganuary Business Support Toolkit, more than 400,350 worldwide people have signed up to Veganuary in 2020 alone - this is a significant increase from 2014 when there were just over 3,000 sign-ups. That may not seem much considering these are global figures, however, discovering the top countries who have the most sign-ups may change your mind, and these numbers will continue to grow significantly in the years to come: 

1. The United Kingdom
2. The United States of America 
3. Germany
4. Chile
5. Argentina 

There's no question about it, British restaurants and supermarkets should offer a Vegan option to cater to the small but growing Vegan community, and many have already. For example, M&S’s “No Chicken Kiev” sold four every minutes since its launch last January. Pret A Manger, Subway, KFC have had all their vegan options fly off the shelves since offering Vegan options demonstrating the need for it in today’s market.

We aim to develop and continue to provide great-tasting Vegan products, capable of being a star dish in any restaurant. Now, what do we have to offer?


Butternut Squash and Mushroom Torte 


Wild Mushroom & Butternut Squash Wellington



Carrot and Beetroot Tatin


For more information on any of our products, please contact our team on 01563 550008.


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