Locally Sourced, Locally Prepared


Despite now being one of Scotland’s largest independent food wholesalers with extensive ambient, chilled and frozen ranges as well as a Production Kitchen, Braehead Foods started out as small game dealer in 1989.

Our wild game birds are collected from the finest estates in Scotland before being supplied to chefs across the country. With a reputation for the finest quality Scottish game, our game birds can be found in the some of the best restaurants across the country.

We supply game birds including grouse, mallard, pheasant, partridge, woodcock and hare, to meet customer requirements. Whether its oven ready, long legged or breast meat, they can accommodate various finishing styles and packaging. 


Braehead Foods not only support the wild game industry, but ensure that all steps from field to plate are being carried out in a safe and legal manner, ensuring compliance throughout. Braehead Foods collect game birds from estates throughout Scotland and work in accordance with FSA.


Provenance and traceability is of the utmost importance and that is why Braehead Foods ensure that all estates and gamekeepers they work with are legally certified, trained hunters, who abide to the seasons and protect the welfare of the animals and their natural habitat. Sourcing only from estates which meet their conditions of supply ensures that Braehead’s intake of wild game is of the best quality and in line with all regulatory requirements.




Grouse are medium to large sized gamebirds that are much sought after by top chefs across the world. The Grouse season ahead is better than last year but not as abundant as usual levels. Birds will be available from 17th August onwards but, in this uncertain market, we are asking customers to pre-order interest in advance with our telesales team by emailing orders@braeheadfoods.co.uk. We are working closely with British Game Alliance approved estates in the Scottish borders and any updates to stock will be communicated via our social media channels.




Mallard, the most popular of wild ducks, is a large duck with a long body. Mallard have a distinctive strong flavour and are available from September to January or frozen all year round.



Partridge has a subtle taste that isn’t too strong or gamey, so ideal for introducing people to game meat for the first time. Partridge is available whole oven ready, breasts, long legged or smoked breasts.



Pheasant is one of the most common game species available and is a very lean meat with a mild taste. Pheasant is available oven ready, breasts (skin on or off), long legged, legs or in feather. We also produce every day menu items such as Pheasant Burgers, Pheasant Sausage Rolls and Pheasant Meatballs in our in-house production kitchen.