Locally Sourced, Locally Prepared

The heritage of Braehead Foods originates from game processing and supply, our aim is to offer fantastic quality wild fowl and game at excellent value.

During the game season as detailed earlier, processing of game includes grouse, wild mallard, partridge and pheasant as they come into season, and pigeon, rabbit and hare throughout the year.

Traceability is key and we ensure that estates and gamekeepers we work with are legally certified, trained hunters, abiding to the seasons and that they protect the welfare of the animals and their natural habitat.

We collect pheasants, partridge, grouse and mallard from estates throughout Scotland. These are then brought back to our processing factory where we work in accordance with FSA. We process to meet the requirements of our customers, whether its oven ready, long legged or breast meat, we can accommodate the various finishing styles and packaging required.

Our locally employed team have extensive training to ensure consistency and high standards of processing throughout the season to maintain high standards of finished product.



Grouse are medium to large sized gamebirds that are much sought after by top chefs across the world. Grouse (young and old) are available oven ready, in feather, breasts only or feet on.



Mallard, the most popular of wild ducks, is a large duck with a long body. Mallard have a distinctive strong flavour and are available from September to January or frozen all year round.



Partridge has a subtle taste that isn’t too strong or gamey, so ideal for introducing people to game meat for the first time. Partridge is available whole oven ready, breasts, long legged or smoked breasts.



Pheasant is one of the most common game species available and is a very lean meat with a mild taste. Pheasant is available oven ready, breasts (skin on or off), long legged, legs or in feather.