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Like most websites, Braehead Foods Ltd websites use cookies to collect information.  Cookies are small data files which are placed on your computer, smart phones or tablets as you browse this website.  They are used to “remember” when your computer or device accesses our websites.



Some cookies collect information about browsing behaviour when you access this website via the same computer or device.  This includes information about pages viewed and your journey around a website.  We do not use cookies to collect or record information on your name, address or other contact details. Braehead Foods Ltd can use cookies to monitor your browsing behaviour on our website only.



The cookies are stored on your computer or other devices when you access our website. We currently use the following types of cookies on our site:


  • Site analytics cookies: these cookies allow us to measure and analyse how our customers use the site, to improve both its functionality and your user experience. We also use these cookies to monitor site performance.


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