Christmas is going to be a little different this year, we speak to Braehead Foods Head of Food and New Product Development, Keith Shearer, about what's on offer in our Christmas range and how this can help your kitchen this winter.



Keith says "I have worked as a chef and been a Braehead Foods customer for many years. I understand the pressure chefs face and the quality they want to achieve, I have used this thought process when designing the Production Kitchen menu. The range covers all the main food groups, enabling a chef to devise their whole Christmas menu. Many kitchens are operating with reduced headcount this year, we offer practical solutions to compensate for this without compromising on quality. I feel this gives Braehead Foods a bespoke point of difference. We can offer strategic culinary solutions, whilst delivering a premium product."









 Keith continues "accommodating dietary requirements has become commonplace in kitchens. The practicalities of having varied and appetising options is challenging, especially with a depleted workforce. We offer culinary solutions to cover gluten, lactose and wheat free diets along with vegan and vegetarian options."



Butternut Squash, Harissa, Kale & Vegan

Feta Strudel wrapped in Feuille de Bric Pastry




  "Christmas wouldn't be complete without a Turkey; of which we have a full range of various sizes. However, Braehead's foundations are built on Game; we have a wide variety of British Game Alliance birds that bring the perfect flavours to the festive palate. Grouse, Pheasant and Partridge are all available, sourced from the best estates across the UK."







Keith continues to say "it's about creating something extra special that leaves a lasting memory. Customers love nothing more than snapping a picture of their food. Our range includes Gastropaint which creates striking presentation that customers will be desperate to share."









Gastropaint used to create innovative, edible final touches.


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