The Glorious 12th: Supplier Spotlight; Essential Cuisine

No other seasonal ingredient arrives with quite as much anticipation that Grouse does. Although banned in some parts of the country like West Yorkshire, Glorious Twelfth sees the start of the shooting season during which grouse is legally shot for a period of four months up to 10th December.

With the bird due to feature on Specials Menus up and down the country, Chefs will be eager to source the freshest and best ingredients, to create the perfect dish, every time.

With the main proportion of a dish cost coming from the protein, why compromise it with an inferior sauce?

Complement the fantastic strong and distinctive flavour of the meat with the perfect sauce solution.

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Our friends at Essential Cuisine have worked hard over the last 22 years to bring you a range of versatile Stocks, Sauces, Jus and Glace, which taste and perform like kitchen-made. 

Grouse can be cooked the traditional way served with bread and great tasting gravy.

If you already have a dish in mind, and just need to add a quality finishing touch, try this recipe which blends two products to create a deliciously robust Signature Beef and Red Wine Game Jus.

ESC15852 - SR - Pack Mock Up - BJESC15852 - SR - Pack Mock Up - RWJ

If grouse isn't on the menu, experiment with other Game meats. Why not try a Pan Fried Loin of Venison with a Port Jus for a stunning Specials dish?

To try the Essential Cuisine range or to request your free samples, speak to your local Sales Manager or call our Telesales Team on 01563 550008.

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