Scotland Food & Drink 2020

Tomorrow marks the first day of Scotland Food & Drink Fortnight 2020 – and what a year it’s been!

With events like this, the ultimate goal of promoting all things great about our industry and what Scotland has to offer is a welcomed opportunity. We have so much to shout about and be proud of, to each other and the rest of the world, this simply gives us a mutual platform to sing it from the rooftops.

Whisky, gin, seafood, game, beef, lamb, cheese, desserts, honey, oils, black pudding, haggis – I’m going to have to stop it there as we actually do have it all covered here  in this beautiful country. 

We all know how the need for a story behind the product has become so important over time. Be it from the local region, or Scotland as a whole, a family business for generations or a husband and wife start up. Knowing you’re helping pay for a little girl’s violin lessons, as opposed to someone’s third Caribbean holiday of the year, kinda makes a difference when choosing where to shop and what to buy, naturally.

Braehead Foods understand the importance of supporting our own economy and our local businesses, not just for the reasons above, but also because the quality and heartfelt effort is easily seen, tasted and smelt in the finished products.

Take a company like Heather Hills Honey. A family-run honey farm based in Perthshire, their bees have the opportunity to roam up to a five mile radius of their hive, something almost unheard of in this age of mass production. To put it in to perspective, a bigger producer could cram around 100 hives into the space. This, as well as the terrain and climate of the heartlands they occupy, is what creates the remarkable quality.

Heather Hills Honey  Heather Hills Honey

Scotland is also a country known for our love of a full cooked breakfast – and is it any wonder why? I’m thinking Edinburgh based Macsween haggis, who has been using virtually the same family recipe for 60 years; Charles Macleod Stornoway black pudding, made with an excellent Scottish oatmeal; and our neighbours, Ferguson’s of Kilmarnock’s tattie scones, who work tirelessly 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure their high standards of quality and service are consistently met.

Stornoway Black Pudding Macswrrn HaggisFerguson's Potato Scone

With traceability and sustainability so high up on the agenda, Braehead Foods can tell you exactly where every one of our game birds come from on specially selected estates across Scotland. The incredible care that is taken to look after these animals, and the way they live, and are killed, is really something else; a whole other story to be told and explored which could only enhance awareness and boost the love of Scottish game once heard.

All of these special unique selling points, attention to detail and deep care given to create the finished article are what differentiate our local suppliers in Scotland against your retail giants and faceless conglomerates across the globe. And this is why we are happy to champion Scotland Food and Drink 2020.

 PheasantScottish Food & Drink Fortnight 

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