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New and in stock now, a delicious range of jams from Scottish producers, Heather Hills farm...


About Heather Hills

From humble beginnings of just a single hive in 1945, Heather Hills Farm now boasts 1300 across Perthshire and Deeside, the most beautiful parts of Scotland. Add traditional extraction and collection methods to the mix, its little surprise that as an award-winning Scottish Great Taste Producer and Citaslow Supporter, their signature raw artisan honeys and handcrafted preserves are internationally recognised for their superior quality and flavour.

Dedicated to nature, their traditional craft and local heritage for over 75 years, they champion the honey bee, its natural environment and its essential work in pollination. Small and family-run with well-spaced out hives, their honeys are collected and extracted using traditional methods and never heated over the normal temperature of the hive to ensure their inherent flavours are not destroyed. 

Each spring, their bees pollinate the blossoms of their famous local fruit farms where fruit culture has been a lifelong passion for over a century. This natural synergy is the inspiration behind their award-winning artisan preserves. Handcrafted in small batches using 100% minimal, natural ingredients, then bottled and labelled by hand, they capture the vibrant flavours of this singular varietal fruit in their purest form.

Braehead Foods - Heather hills Farm


Divinely intense, overflowing with Scotland’s signature fruit! Made from plump, scarlett Perthshire Glen Ample raspberries from our local fruit farm in Blairgowrie. The quintessential ingredient for a Cranachan or Cream Tea – a must for any Scottish gathering. 


Lusciously rich, full of sumptuous Perthshire Elsanta strawberries from our local fruit farm in Alyth. Perfect for a classic Victoria Sponge or that extra special cheesecake. The ideal complement to pork – especially a hog roast – and black pudding.


Deliciously tangy, bursting with whole, juicy Perthshire Ben Tirran blackcurrants from our local fruit farm in Perth. Spoon generously over ice cream. Perfect with smoked venison, duck, or game or paired with strong blue cheeses such as Stilton or Roquefort or sharp, salty cheeses like Manchego, Feta or Aged Parmesan.


A deliciously tangy fine-cut marmalade is made from gently simmered Seville oranges delicately married with our award-winning signature Scottish Heather Honey – a taste of Highland sunshine on toast!


To order, or for more info, call us on 01563 550008.

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