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Leave a lasting impression with Stoats’ Breakfast range.

A new, premium Scottish range of muesli, granola and Porridge for foodservice. 

Rustic Raspberry & Apple Scottish Muesli

Code: 12202

Jumbo Scottish oats with rye, barley and toasted wheat flakes, paired with tangy raspberry, sweet apple pieces, cranberries, dates, raisins and seeds.

4 x 2.5kg (10kg) case 




Orange, Cherry & Almond Scottish Oat Granola

Code: 12203

Inspired by the classic Dundee cake. We have used Scottish oats and the ancient grain; spelt, to give our granola a light texture, complemented by tart cherry pieces, orange notes and whole almonds.

4 x 1.8kg (7.2kg) 




Perfect Scottish Porridge Blend

Code: 12201

The Stoats signature blend of Scottish jumbo and flaked oats for the perfect porridge every time. Light and fluffy, yet with texture and bite.

4 x 2.2kg (8.8kg) case 




Stoats 25g Conference Bars

Code: 12290

It takes all kinds of Stoats to make the world go round. Widen your taste horizons with our flavour-packed Variety Pack. Inside are 75 of Stoats most wholesomely hearty bars, perfect for conference and banqueting and hotels.

Stoats Apple & Cinnamon Porridge Oat Bars (18 x 50g)

Code: 12296

A succulent combination of sweet apples, juicy sultanas and a hint of spicy cinnamon with Scottish oats. Stoats delicious bars are bursting with natural goodness and fibre, for a filling on-the-go treat or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Stoats Blueberry & Honey Porridge Oat Bars (18 x 50g)

Code: 12297

Made by hand with premium Scottish oats, creamy butter, whole blueberries and runny honey, their deliciously filling blueberry and honey porridge oat bars are high in fibre and loaded with natural, slow release energy to keep you lifted for longer.

Stoats Raspberry & Honey porridge Oat Bars (18 x 50g)

Code: 12298

A classic fan-favourite, Stoats raspberry and honey porridge oat bars are made by hand with wholegrain Scottish oats, creamy butter, tangy raspberries and sweet honey, packed with natural goodness and a source of fibre for a deliciously filling treat. From on-the-go snacking to savouring with a cup of tea.

Porridge Pots (Case of 16 x 60g)

12361 Golden Syrup:
Perfect for busy mornings (or any time of day!) when a creamy porridge with the sweetness of golden syrup is just the ticket. Made with the finest Scottish oats to pack in essential fibre and a source of protein.

12363 Raspberry & Honey:
Inspired by the legendary Cranachan dessert, this pot is positively packed with premium Stoats oats! Strike gold with every hearty mouthful of our sweet mix of runny honey and tangy raspberries. Delicious! Just add boiling hot water to create perfect porridge on the go.

12362 Apple & Cinnamon:
Treat yourself to our delicious blend of premium Scottish oats and sweet apples, with a hint of spicy cinnamon - a perfect source of protein, fibre and slow release energy to kick-start your day the Stoats way!

12360 Traditional Scottish:
Start your day the Stoats way with our traditional Scottish porridge - the perfect balance of fluffiness and bite. High in fibre, a source of protein and packed with slow-release energy to keep you smiling for longer.