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Leave a lasting impression with Stoats’ Breakfast range.

A new, premium Scottish range of muesli, granola and Porridge for foodservice. 

Rustic Raspberry & Apple Scottish Muesli

Code: 12202

Jumbo Scottish oats with rye, barley and toasted wheat pairs with tangy raspberry, sweet apple pieces, cranberries, dates, raisins and seeds.

4 x 2.5kg (10kg) case 




Orange, Cherry & Almond Scottish Oat Granola

Code: 12203

Inspired by the classic Dundee cake. We have used Scottish oats and the ancient grain; spelt, to give our granola a light texture, complemented by tart cherry pieces and orange notes.

4 x 1.8kg (7.2kg) 




Perfect Scottish Porridge Blend

Code: 12201

The Stoats signature blend of Scottish jumbo and flaked oats for the perfect porridge every time. Light and fluffy, yet with texture and bite.

4 x 2.2kg (8.8kg) case