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Imaginative Cuisine was established in 2003 to create and supply fresh and exciting new products to food service and retail. We add that vital extra 'something' that makes a good dish great by providing versatile and innovative award-winning products to perfectly compliment whatever you are cooking.


Airspuma is the new light airy sauce that enhances taste and presentation at a press of a button. No preparation, combined with easy dispensing make these delicious sweet & savoury sauces a kitchen essential for any menu. Available in a comprehensive range of flavours and textures to suit all menus whether in the professional kitchen or home.

Black Truffle is fantastic with risotto, scrambled egg, foie gras, soup, lobster, pomme puree, haricot vert with pancetta, beef steak and chicken liver parfait.

Raspberry is wonderful with Chocolate parfait, pavlova, lemon tart, summer pudding, Syllabub, Ice cream, sorbet, cheese cake, trifle and Cocktails.

Mango & Passion Fruit is divine with Pannacotta, roulades, Gelato, fruit salad, yoghurt, crème caramel, bananas, sweet parfait, avocado and cocktails.

Strawberry is great in Cocktails, bavarois, mousselines, milkshakes, fresh fruit toppings and afternoon teas.


Delicious, colourful, fresh and tasty decorating sauces made with premium high fruit.Garnishing sauces are guaranteed not to split on the plate. With stunning shine and great consistency they are packaged in a ready to use convenient plastic squeeze bottle with a unique dispensing system for easy controlled application. Sweet Beetroot - Fantastic nuances of dark fruit berries. This glaze works exceptionally well with goats cheese or baked brie. Use as a decorative drizzle over ice cream or chocolate deserts.


Freshburst® Pearls consist of a delicate outer skin, encasing a liquid centre and come in 12 delectable flavours. These little pearls can be used as a garnish and as an ingredient in all types of food and drink. Like eating little bombs, once in the mouth and bitten into, the liquid centres release a taste sensation across the palate, adding intrigue to all dishes.

Available in: Blackcurrant | Chocolate | Mango | Strawberry |Balsamic | Passion Fruit | Raspberry | Rose | Sweet Beetroot | Yuzu | Truffle Balsamic | Truffle Oil | Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Create master brush strokes for a striking presentation on plates with these amazing new innovative edible plate paints. Drawn from inspiration of juicy berries and appreciation of simplicity of colours. Impart robust flavours with a simple stroke with great depth of flavour. Simply brush every plate for a stylish decoration to make the dish great!

Available in: MaNgo | Blueberry | Vanilla | Strawberry | Beetroot | Rhubarb & Custard

Urban Gourmet Tomato

Semi dried tomato, slowly air dried to maintain the juicy characteristic…red, plump and mouth watering.







Freshburst TomBerry

Red and yellow micro tomatoes slow grown for full on flavour…lightly pickled in sugar and vinegar then steeped in mint, thyme, garlic and herbs, then confit in oil which burst with intense juiciness.