From a Technical perspective, our passion for food is core to our business and that passion is only realisable if our customers and consumers trust our food.

We strive to manufacture food that is not only great tasting for consumers, but which also meets the highest standards of safety. In addition to customer requirements, we are subject to extensive food safety regulations and governmental monitoring.

We use HACCP principles to identify any potential food safety risks and to ensure these risks are robustly controlled. To deliver these controls consistently, we adhere to documented food safety procedures when developing and manufacturing its products. These procedures form the backbone of Braehead Foods Quality Management Systems and Standards.

We source over 2,000 different ingredients from around the world. We recognise our responsibility to ensure the traceability of our food through all stages of production, processing and distribution.

Our Technical Team visit and audit suppliers and use multiple suppliers for certain ingredients to ensure year round supply. Ensuring the integrity of these ingredients is a vital part of our business, and Braehead Foods adopts a risk-assessed approach to cover all aspects of food safety, ethical requirements and environmental responsibility.

The technical team at Braehead Foods work together with colleagues in many different factory departments to develop and manufacture high quality, nutritious and delicious food products for our customers and consumers.

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Andrena Bain
Site Technical Manager

Andrena’s role is to ensure that food safety, legality and quality standards are continually at the highest level.   

Her career has taken her through a wide range of sectors, from seasonings and spices to confectionery and the drinks industry. She is also proud of the fact that all of the companies she has worked for have been born and bred in Scotland.

Andrena was drawn to Braehead Foods - the big attraction was to support a business that supplies food ‘made by chefs, for chefs’. 

She has a real passion for good food as well as food that looks good – and loves a bit of food photography.

Now for the science bit….qualified in Food Science and Technology, her career has seen her manage Technical departments in many industries, and in addition, has held responsibilities for New Product Development and Project Management. 

She has implemented and maintained, BRC accreditation in various forms, at many sites since its introduction in 2002 and is familiar with many customer codes of practice.