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With a strong cheese history running through the family, you can still find the Stone family firmly behind the reigns of Highland Fine Cheeses. In 1994 Rory joined mum, Susannah, and his older brother in the family business of cheese-making, and has headed up the company ever since.

Now the company is focused on mould ripened cheese with brie, blue and washed rind styles. The milk comes from three farms, Sibster just west of Wick, Thrumster with a herd of organic Jersey cows and Rootfield on the Black Isle which is converting to Ayrshire cows.

Their product range includes the traditional Crowdie, Black Crowdie, Caboc, Morangie and Highland Brie, Strathdon Blue, Blue Murder, Fat Cow and Minger.

The Minger

Code: 12214

A soft washed rind cheese. Minger has a strong washed rind aroma with a soft fresh creamy centre.


The Fat Cow

Code: 12213

A semi hard, washed rind cheese. Fat Cow has a strong meaty aroma with a delicate sweet flavour and smooth texture.


Morangie Brie

Code: 3550

Similar to our Highland Brie but with more body and maturity. Smooth and soft textured with a meaty flavour. Enclosed in an edible white rind.


Blue Murder

Code: 3598

Blue Murder is softer and creamier than many blues. Spicy, salty and slightly sweet.


Black Crowdie

Code: 1367 500g

Code: 1869 110g

Black Crowdie is a creamy soft cheese hand rolled in Scottish pinhead oatmeal and enhanced with spicy cracked black peppercorns.

Strathdon Blue

Code: 1812

Strathdon Blue has a firm texture yet yielding paste with a rich, sweet blue flavour, slightly steely on the finish.


Code: 1825

Originating in the 14th Century, Caboc is a double cream cheese, rolled in toasted pinhead oatmeal.