Belazu Belazu

Belazu Ingredient Company was originally established in 1991, as The Fresh Olive Company, and is still owned and run by Adam Wells, Charlie Hodges and George Bennell.

The London-based manufacturer is one of the founders behind the Mediterranean food revolution in the UK and has been supplying a broad spectrum of the market including high-end restaurants, hotels, and retailers for more than 25 years.

The authentic Mediterranean ingredients are trusted and loved by chefs in some of the world’s most acclaimed restaurants and whether Belazu is working with small suppliers in Carcassonne or high-end chefs in the City, the ingredient is always considered ‘king’.

The company now produces 100 tonnes of fresh olives a week along with more than 500 product lines including oils, vinegars, Mediterranean vegetables, pestos, nuts and culinary pastes.

Belazu Pitted Black Olives in Herbs de Provence 3kg

Code: 2123

Marrakesh' finest black Douce seasoned herbs.

Belazu Pitted Gordal Olives 4.25kg

Code: 11651

Belazu Pitted Green Olives in Herbs de Provence

Code: 2194

Beldi olives marinated with bay, rosemary and thyme.

Belazu Pitted Vinci Olives 2.5kg

Code: 2118

Large Green Chalkidiki olives with mushrooms, peppers and garlic.

Belazu Pitted Kalamati Olives 3kg

Code: 4228



Belazu Pitted Spanish Bar Mix Olives

Code: 2397

Green Beldi and purple Cuquillo olives with peppers, onions and garlic.

Belazu Pitted Harlequin Olives 2.5kg

Code: 6069

Large green Chalkidiki and purple Uslu olives with peppers, garlic, chilli and black pepper.

Belazu Martini Olives 2.5kg

Code: 2285


Belazu Mixed Pitted Olives 2.5kg

Code: 1017

Pitted green Beldi and Kalamata olives with bay, rosemary and thyme.

Belazu Nocellara Olives 2.5kg

Code: 2038

Bright green early harvest Castelvetrano olives from Trapani, Sicily.

Belazu Mediterranean Semi Dried Tomatoes 1.15kg

Code: 2380

Belazu Peppas 1.9kg

Code: 3815

Cream cheese-stuffed Peppadew style peppers.

Belazu Rose Harissa 1kg

Code: 2276

One of Belazu's signature ingredients a secret blend of herbs and spices softened with rose petals.

Belazu Verbena Harrisa 1kg

Code: 11003

Moroccan lemon verbena, coriander, parsley, baby spinach, preserved lemons, chilli and spices.

Belazu Lilliput Capers 800g

Code: 2683