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All Gressingham Ducks are raised on a Suffolk farm and enjoy a stress free life. 

Good health and comfort is ensured. Without the use of growth enhancers or antibiotics, their feed is a quality blend of cereals with no bonemeal or necessary additives.

The care and attention put into rearing these birds' results in a duck with distinctive characteristics. The meat is succulent and tender with a unique gamey flavour and each duck contains about 20% more meat than similar weighted breeds.

Quail -Fayre Game Is the country's only EEC registered processing facility able to supply the best Quail available in the UK today. They are responsible for the hatching and breeding of the Quail and with the welfare of the birds highest priority they ensure total control of the husbandry process so that you, the customer receive a product of the finest quality.

Cor Voet (Imported chicken 5kg) - CorVoet fillets come to you from the Voet family near Amsterdam in Holland. Ronald Voet with his brother, Johan, and sister, Saskia, work with their father, Cor, to produce these succulent totally natural chicken fillets for you.

All fillets can be traced back to family farms in the Benelux and as they say "the proof is in the eating" CorVoet chicken fillets really do melt in your mouth!

Our Corn Fed Ducks are fed with a greater proportion of Maize resulting in a golden tint to the skin and a distinct flavour.