Pasta, Pulses and Rice

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A vast range of pasta, pulses, rice and nuts are all available from Braehea Foods. Ask your local Sales Manager for more information or call us on 01563 550008.

**NEW** November 2016




We are delighted to announce that Riso Gallo have confirmed Braehead Foods as their new Scottish distributor.

Over the last 160 years, Riso Gallo has built a reputation throughout the world as the premium producer of Italian and speciality rice products and the superior quality is enjoyed by everyone from Michelin Starred chefs to home cooks, selling over 50 million packets around the world.

The Riso Gallo range includes traditional risotto rices, speciality grains and ready meals.

Traditional Risotto Rices


Carnaroli Gran Riserva

The best risotto rice available. The unique production process starts with rigorous selection of the seeds, sowing at reduced-density and harvesting only plants from the heart of the rice field. The rice is matured for 1 year in direct from the fields, and results in a grain that absorbs flavours more readily. The mill still uses the traditional stone husking method. Only 1 grain in every 3 becomes a Gran Riserva grain!

Carnaroli Riserva Gallo

The King of Risotto Rice. This has a higher Amylose content - resulting in it staying al dente yet creamy, and has the highest absorption capacity.

Arborio Gran Gallo

The most popular Italian Risotto Rice. It has a high Amylose content and high absorption, resulting in a creamy and al dente risotto. The grains are long and big.

Vialone Nano

Popular with Venetians, but not widely known in the UK. The small plump grains hold their shape well during cooking. The resulting texture of the risotto is fairly fluid or all'onda (wavy or flowing in waves).

Quick cook Italian rice


Riso Blond Risotti

The perfect quick cook rice for making a risotto. Traditional risotto rice that cooks in only 12 minutes. The rice has been parboiled in the famous Riso Gallo factory, then parboiled to reduce the cooking time. It is perfect for risotto, salads, and soups

Speciality Rices from Around the World



Black rice originally from China, now grown in Italy. A parboiled wholegrain rice means that it cooks in 18 minutes. Rich in mineral salts, with a distinctive aroma of sandalwood and freshly baked bread. Available as Expresso Venere, ready in 2 minutes.

3 Grains

A unique blend of rice, spelt and barley. Naturally healthy and cooks in just 20 minutes. Ideal for alternative risottos, salads and soups. Great Taste Award Winner. Available as Expresso 3 Cereali, ready in 2 minutes.

Gluten Free Pasta


Made from rice, corn and buckwheat. Certified as gluten-free by the Coeliac Association. Winner of the 'Best Pasta' category in the 'FreeFrom Food Awards 2013'. Available in 3 varieties - spaghetti, penne and fusilli.