The heritage of Braehead Foods originates from Game processing and supply; our aim is to offer fantastic quality wild fowl and game at excellent value.
Game & Venison
Braehead Foods are renowned for supplying quality Scottish game...during the game season we process Grouse, Wild Mallard, Partridge and Pheasant. Pigeon, Rabbit and Hare are available throughout the year.

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Since it was founded in 1997, specialist venison producer Highland Game has doubled in size many times over supplying major retailers including Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Waitrose, Aldi and Lidl as well as the wholesale trade distributing to Catering & Restaurants, Quality Butchers and Deli shops.

Highland Game's vision is to help venison achieve wider popularity by making it available through mainstream retail channels.

The company customised its Dundee factory to ensure the highest quality processing environment with rigorous hygiene standards and full traceability.

Highland Game Core Range:


Based in Jedburgh in the heart of the Scottish Borders The Smoked Game Company their game is cold smoked using native hard woods and seasoned fruit wood. The products produced remain uncooked but the added aromas of the wood smoke and added herbs complement the game meat. This allows the consumer to cook and season as they prefer.

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  • Wild Mallard breasts infused in orange and cold smoked over beech-wood
  • Oven ready Partridge / Partridge breasts infused in lemon and ginger and cold smoked over apple-wood
  • Pheasant breasts infused in raspberries and cold smoked over apple-wood
  • Wood-pigeon breasts  infused in raspberries and cold smoked over beech-wood
  • Venison infused with woodland berries and cold smoked over beech-wood


Game Season


Pheasant         1st October - 1st February
Partridge        1st September - 1st February
Grouse              12th August - 10th December
Snipe               12th August - 31st January
Woodcock         1st September - 31st January
Wild Mallard      1st September - 31st January
Teal                1st September - 31st January
Widgeon          1st September - 31st January
Duck & Goose (inland) 1st September - 31st January
Duck & Goose (below high water mark)   1st September - 20th February
Roe Deer (Bucks)   1st April - 20th October
Roe Deer (Does)         21st October - 31st March
Red Deer (Stags)  1st July - 20th October
Red Deer (Hinds)        21st October - 15th February
Wood pigeon             Open Season
Rabbit                   Open Season
Hare                Open Season