Highland Fine Cheeses

Highland Fine, a family business established in 1963 manufacturing traditional cheeses unique to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Highland Brie

Winner of a Gold Medal and the title of "Best Scottish Cheese" at the British Cheese Awards in 2009.  Eat it young and it is simple, light flavoured, mould ripened Brie. Allow this cheese to mature and as the curd begins to run over your plate the cabbage, farmhouse flavours resembling a traditional Camembert start to appear.


Caboc is a double cream Highland cheese, hand-rolled in Scottish pinhead oatmeal.

Black Crowdie

Black Crowdie is a cream cheese hand-rolled in Scottish pinhead oatmeal and crushed black peppercorns.

Strathdon Blue

A rich, creamy blue made with milk from the two remaining dairy herds in Caithness. The milk is high in butter fat and protein and this combines to give the body and rich texture of Strathdon.

Blue Monday

Blue Monday, is complex, creamy with bold cracks and streaks of blue-spicey, steely and sweet. This is a wonderfully decadent blue cheese.  Blue Monday is one of only a handful of Scottish blues made by Highland Fine Cheeses by Juliet Harbutt (cheese guru) and Alex James (Blur bassist).