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Suppliers of a range of speciality and high quality cured meats.

Smoked Fish
Charcuterie & Smoked Fish

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Braehead Foods stock a vast range of speciality cured meats and sausages, haggis and puddings, fish and olives. Here's some of our keys suppliers...



St James Smokehouse is one of Scotland's few remaining independent, family owned traditional smokehouse. Situated in the heart of the maritime Scottish lowland village of Annan. This is ideally located to procure the freshest and finest quality salmon from the nearby clear, fast-flowing waters of Western Scotland.



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Loch Fyne Oysters are dedicated to providing the world with Scotland's finest seafood. Loch Fyne pride themselves on provenance, quality and sustainability. That's why you'll find their seafood in award winning and Michelin starred restaurants, prestigious retailers such as Selfridges and Globus and served to corporate guests at Formula 1 and Championship League Finals.





RR. Spink & Sons have been smoking fish for 299 years in the eastern fishing port of Arbroath. Provenance is key and at RR. Spink & Sons they rear, fillet, smoke and pack all of their own Rainbow Trout, from Loch to plate, it's all their own work.

Reared in the brackish tidal waters of Loch Etive by Oban, their smoked trout has an unrivalled depth of flavour, and a melt in the mouth eat whilst its deep colour offers a visually stunning dish.

Wholeside or D Cut, delight and surprise your customers.


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Scottish Charcuterie Company (a subsidiary of Braehead Foods) produce a range of charcuterie made on site in Ayrshire using meat sourced from specially selected Scottish producers.

The range of charcuterie currently available includes Venison Salami, Pork Chorizo, Venison Chorizo and urr own very special blend of spices which create the Romano range. 



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Macsween is a third generation family company established as a butchers shop in Edinburgh in the 1950's. The company has passed down through a family of natural entrpreneurs. Following in our Grandfather and father's footsteps they are passionate about making the best tasting foods, prioritising environmental sustainability and recognising the importance of their people and place within the community.




Rannoch Smokery produces some of Scotland's finest gourmet meats and is recognised through the Great Taste Awards, the Guild of Fine Food, Scotland Food & Drink Federation and Scotland Food and Drink to name only a few.