Braehead Foods prides itself on understanding the industry and is heavily involved in key events e.g. CIS awards, HIT dinners, The Federation of Chefs Scotland and also the Scottish Chefs Conference.

Through the commitment and collaboration for the industry Craig and Braehead Foods have been awarded various awards and accolades including:


2017 Food Awards Scotland: Wholesaler of the Year

2016 Master Chefs of Great Britain: Outstanding Services Award; Craig Stevenson

2013  Bighearted Scotland: Business Person of the Year; Craig Stevenson

2012 Assist Facilities Management Chair Award: Craig Stevenson

2011  Business Excellence Ayrshire: Best in Service Award

2010  Hospitality Industry Trust: Lifetime Achievement; Craig Stevenson

2004  Countryside Alliance: Local Hero Award

2001 Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Food Award

2000 Best Scottish Supplier